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 The content of the paper was determined by the problem of teaching professionally oriented reading within the course of English for Specific Purposes. It also deals with the improvement of students’ particular language skills. The development of professional communicative competence of engineering students is discussed. Different approaches to teaching reading are distinguished. The opportunities that technical students have today are observed. Realization of communicative approach in the course of teaching job-related reading is examined. Selection of authentic materials for reading is touched upon. Principles of selection, organization and presentation of materials are mentioned. Selection criteria are stated. Different types of reading are presented. The aim of each task is described. Motivation of engineering students is focused on. Reading goals and techniques are mentioned. The importance of professionally oriented reading is analyzed. Application of communicative approach to teaching reading of technical texts is presented. The paper outlines possible tasks for working with the text. Special attention is drawn to description of texts’ comprehension. Possible tasks are described. Recommendations are specified. Importance of application of various methods and techniques in teacher’s practice is grounded. Active implementation of modern technologies into the teaching English for Specific Purposes has been considered. The role of professionally oriented reading is determined.


competence; international communication; teaching methods; professionally oriented reading; reading approach; technical texts; reading skills

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