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Author Guidelines

Please send your materials via e-mail:

Submission materials should include:


  • the article in .doc or .rtf format;
  • Author agreement signed by the Author;

  • Ph.D. fellow review on the submitted article, signed and stamped;

The manuscript should be original, and has not been published previously. We do not submit material that is currently being considered by another journal.

The author is responsible for factual material (statistic data, formulas, dates, quotations, proper names etc.).

The list of required elements of article:

  • Introduction.

  • Aims and tasks.

  • Research main material presentation with headings and subheadings.

  • Conclusions

All structural elements it’s necessary to highlight in bold.


Size – 10-12 pages with including tables, schemes, images and reference list.

 The article structure:

  • UDC index (right upper corner);

  • the name of article (centered, capital letters BOLD font (the font size is 14);

  • the author’s initials and last name (centered, small register letters (the font is 14 Times NewRoman bold);

  • city and affiliation (centered, italic, 14)

  • abstract and keywords. The size is about 100-150 words (normal font 12Times New Roman); for articles in English abstract should be 200-300 words;

  • the main text (typed with 1,5 spacing without hyphening, font 14 Times New Roman, the fields on left, up, down and right – 2 cm, paragraph is 1.25 cm. Hyphen(-) and dash (–) are strictly distincted;

  • References,  GOST 7.1:2006 standard (font 14 Times New Roman)

  • References, standart APA (font 12 Times New Roman)

After that come author’s initials, surname and the name of the article, abstract and keywords in two languages:

  • for articles in Ukrainian there should be an abstract in Russian (100-150 words) and in English (200-300 words);

  • for articles in Russian – an abstract in Ukrainian (100-150 words) and in English (200-300 words);

  • for articles in English – an abstract in Russian (100-150 words) and in Ukrainian (200-300 words);

  • for articles in German, French, Spanish – an abstract in Ukrainian (100-150 words) and in English (200-300 words).

Then, the following information should be submitted in English: the author’s name and surname, the author’s address data (the name of institution, occupation, the organization address, city, country), translated and transliterated in Latin alphabet list of sources (for sources in Cyrillic).

Citations in Text are formalized according to the reference list numeration, e.g.: S.V. Gaponova [1, p. 45], where the first sign is a number in list and the second is a number of the page quoted. 


                   Requirements to the manuscript design:


  • the article is submitted in Word for Windows edition, in .doc or .rtf format without automatic words hyphening;

  • special fonts, symbols and images are added as separate files;

  • illustrational material is in italics; the elements of text that need highlighting are underlined; the words meanings etc. are taken in quotation marks;

  • subscript and ending footnotes are abandoned.