I. P. Borkovska


The article highlights the stages of pragmatics development on the basis of the research of the utterances, texts and words.

Pragmatics was developed on the basis of the research of the utterance. In the article it is underlined the actuality of the study of the pragmatic aspect of the utterance because utterance is characterized with such an important and universal feature as relational, real, complete semantic unit of the communication. Later, developing and deepening the questions of the pragmatics, scientists recognized the text as independent unit and linguistics of the text became independent subject of study. As a result, pragmatics started to study the text as the discourse. The text became the material of the research and later the subject of the research. In this work it is considered the structure of the pragmatics as well, that is presented in some different layers. The suggested paper is devoted to the analysis of the pragmatics of the text on the phonographic, lexical, syntactical and text layers. All these layers have their own typical units.

In this article it is deduced that a word is a component of the people communication, that is why it must be studied from the view of the pragmatics. It is underlined that a person is a creator of the word and as a result, the word contains a lot of the problems which are connected with communicative and pragmatic aspects. In the light of this fact, it is clear that on the one hand, the word is a component of the utterance, but on the other hand, it is an independent unit in the utterance, saving its meaning. Another important moment mentioned in the article is that due to the pragmatical information of the word we can reach the effective communication.



communication, speech act, discourse, pragmatical meaning


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