O. L. Yaroshenko


The article reviews issues related to selection of lexical material for developing exercises for forming lexical skills in reading, speaking, listening, writing and translation. The absence of the lexical minimum makes it much more difficult for a teacher to control and evaluate the formation of the foreign language competence. Taking into account that selection of lexical minimum must be carried out with consideration of many factors (such as program requirements, learning environment and language skills) and certain principles and procedures, it is necessary to draw up an algorithm of actions to select lexical units. Selection of lexical units is a stage-by-stage process which in certain sequence employs different methods and means of selection. The article analyses polystatic and static means of selecting lexical material as well as factors which influence the measurement of usage frequency of lexical units. The article gives description of modeling method and system approach towards selecting lexical material. A procedure of forming minimum vocabulary as a model of language system is offered. The article proves that selected lexical minimum in its main characteristics has to meet the requirements of efficiency, reliability, communicative sufficiency, correspondence to communicative needs of specialists of a certain field. The article has four parts: an introduction explaining the topicality, aims and objectives of the article, two parts with the main research material and conclusions.


minimum vocabulary, lexical unit, means of selection, methods of selection, active vocabulary, passive vocabulary


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