L. G. Svyrydova, O. S. Ameridze


The article deals with the importance of development the academic writing skills of technical university students. The focus has been made on essay-type written work as the most common type of writing which is considered to be a good basis for the further, more fundamental academic writings like diploma work or dissertation. Furthermore, students have to be aware of writing an essay when taking exams, especially language proficiency tests of international level. Thus, most students feel the strong motivation and readiness to master academic writing skills. The article reveals the concept of academic writing, its main features and types of academic written works. Also, this article displays the notion of the essay as a genre of academic writing and in details examines the structure of the essay, highlighting the peculiarities. More specifically there have been described the core parts of an essay, namely, introduction, body and conclusion.
The significance of well-formulated thesis statement also has been underlined. In addition, there has been proposed a list of useful words and phrases to make an essay easy to read. For students the comprehension of academic writing skills along with speaking, reading and listening is very substantial for making up an image of a highly-skilled and
prosperous specialist.


academic writing; technical students; academic essay; formal language; essay structure; practical exercises

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