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The article is devoted to the distinctive characteristics of the US higher education. The great emphasis is placed on the types of the US higher education institutions in accordance with the Carnegie Classification. It includes the precise description of the undergraduate and postgraduate education in America, the types of the degrees, obtained during the study and their basic distinctions. It characterizes the organization of the US high school, the peculiarities of Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees. The article also describes the structure of the colleges and universities, their governmental policy and financial component. It studies the organization of an education process including student curriculum, the ability to choose minor and major courses, credit system and grades. The current article concentrates on the idea of distance learning and programs for ‘special students’. The indissoluble connection between the American higher education and the economic prosperity of the state is distinguished. The attention is paid to the implementation of innovation technologies in the education program, the key changes in the teaching process according to the constantly changing demands of the labor market as well as the individualization of the education system


higher education, the Carnegie Classification, university, college, undergraduate education, postgraduate education, Doctor of Philosophy, Master degree, MBA, Bachelor degree, Community College, online education

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