Poetry and methods of poetization in the functional style

N. V. Hlinka, V. V. Pashkovska


This article deals with the notion of functional style (which is used in certain sphere of social activities by speakers, and according to this it has its own features of vocabulary, phraseology, grammatical forms and types of sentences' usage), its peculiarities, and also such phenomenon as poetry (there are two main approaches in the modern linguistics which are used for analyzing such notion as poetry – functional and structural). The term “poetics” and its problems, which were investigated by modern native and foreign researchers, are analyzed. The concept of each researcher is represented separately and is explained understandably, which gives the possibility to formulate the integral structure of the article. Different approaches to the notion of poetry are analyzed, as well as the sources of appearance of such a notion which is called “literary bilingualism”, and also the examples of authors who had this notion as their distinguishing characteristic are given. Also main criteria and methods of poetic language organization are investigated. Different poetization devices (expansion of tropes, stylistic convergence, reiteration, paradigmatisation of text, intertextual allusions) are compared. The peculiarities of prose poem and the notion of poetization of prose as the interrelation and interaction of two forms of fiction are investigated.


style; genre; poetry; poetization; poetics; device


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