Teaching writing summary on scientific research.

L. K. Svetenok, S. V. Lytvyn


The article is devoted to the development and improvement of skills to summarize information about one’s research in written form in a foreign language. Under the conditions of extending international contacts in various areas of educational, scientific and professional activity solving problems of training new generation of specialists able to communicate with their foreign partners in perfect professional English is of great importance.The ability to represent own scientific achievements in written form in a foreign language is critical for conducting a research in general, and allows scientists to share their professional achievements with foreign counterparts. The article singles out stages of mastering speech material while teaching writing a summary on scientific research. The goal of each stage is formulated and examples of exercises are offered. The stages were correlated with actions that are performed within them and named according to the type of exercises that prevail at each stage. Mastering writing skills to summarize information about one’s research in a foreign language will give scientists the opportunity to participate in the research work abroad that will help expand scientific outlook and strengthen scientific potential. Research results have proved the necessity for further investigation of the problem mentioned, aimed at finding the best possible ways of teaching writing skills.


summary on scientific research; scientific activity; writing skills


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