S. M. Bobrovnyk


The article deals with the language embodiment of the concept “privacy”. It reveals the notion of this phenomenon and its reflection in the English language. It researches the fields of this concept, the field of freedom, property, solitude, intimacy, violation of privacy and personality. Privacy is a social and cultural phenomenon reflects social psychological characteristic of behavior, it relates to the communicative human behavior which implies norms, rules and traditions of communication of this or that lingua-cultural community. The concept “privacy” is a subtle category and in communicative aspect it doesn’t correlate firmly with any definite communicative situation. Any communicative act relates to privacy as it implies communication of several participants, however, it is connected with the opposition of personal and social spheres. In ideal communication everyone strives to preservation of his privacy that is strengthened in cultural norms of the community. The concept “privacy” can find its expression in communication. In this aspect privacy correlates with lingvo-pragmatic category of politeness. Politeness is considered as cultural concept which is expressed as lingvo-pragmatic category on the cognitive level. The sphere of proverbs and syaings describing models of behavior can give a broad field for learning of cultural originality of the concept privacy.


privacy; person; society; expression; conception; community; proverb


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