Z. V. Buts, S. V. Ibraguimova


The article considers modern approaches to the definition of the translation strategy and the associated semantic & syntactic methods of redistribution of volume concepts. It’s specified ways of theoretical research and developments with translation studies. The concepts of different scientists about translation theory are presented in this text. The real article describes ways to apply strategies at different text levels. This research defines the concept of strategy translation and different views about its reproduction and application during the translation of specialized texts are written. In the examples of students translations of technical texts the authors give an analysis of the application of the concept translation strategy in working with students-translators. In addition this work determined semantic and syntactic components of strategies for translating scientific and technical texts. During this research there were selected strategies of various translations. So it has been distinguished the global and local translations. The special attention is acquired by semantic features in the process of determination and understanding of translation strategy. Especially it touches the transmission of terminological units in technical texts. The specific of the use of strategies has been shown on examples during the translation in accordance with a volume and quality of the got information. During research of this problem the authors call to description of syntactic structures of two languages, which directly assist to select translation strategies and influence on the achievement of adequate translation.


translation strategy; semantic and syntactic methods; scientific & technical text; concept; text levels; global translation; local translation

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