Ya. S. Gryshchenko, I. A. Sydorenko


The present article is devoted to the problem of intensive borrowings in the Russian language. The aim of our article is the review of etymological background of the Russian language. The main tasks are: to give a brief description of the main scientific achievements in the field of English loans in other languages, to look on the main approaches to the reasons of loans appearance and their adaptation in the Russian language. At the beginning of the synonymic raw of loans, foreign words and borrowings are analysed and the only term “loans” is chosen. The second part of the article is connected to the reasons of intensive English loans in the Russian language. The classifications of M.A. Brejter and L.P. Krysin are given. The theories of these scientists give the reasons to consider that among the intralinguistic reasons of loans such extralinguistic ones as activization of communications with the West and changes in the mentality of Russian-speaking people are also exists. The third part of the article is devoted to the adaptation of English loans in the Russian language. The classification of the phonetic, graphical, grammatical and semantic adaptations of various types of the English loans in the language-receptor is given. At the final part of the article we made the general conclusion that the research perspectives are in putting the results of our theoretical review into practice.


loans; anglicisms; lexical unit; adaptation; intralinguistic and extralinguistic reasons

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