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This article describes problem of current importance for the modern linguistics of text and discourse – the problem of analysis of different classifications of text categories and properties in artistic texts and specifying of universal categories and properties for memoirs. Description and study of the text categories are carried on through taxonomical (classifications) and qualitative approaches.  Author analyzes specifics of functioning of such categories and properties in the space of Winston Churchill’s memoirs “My early life”, which serves as a basic material for the research. This work looks through different categories and properties of memoirs, which help to discover semantic and structural qualities of the text on deep and surface levels. Article indicates the range of obligatory (general) and additional (typical only for texts of specific styles and genres) categories of text and describes their functioning in memoirs. Author systematizes different classifications of the text categories and properties and reveals separate subproperty, which is typical only to autobiographical genres of the text, especially for the memoirs. An important role is given to the place of authorial “I” in formation of an artistic picture in memoirs, which is represented by the writer, in comparison to the picture of the world and to the perception of it by a recipient.



text category; text property; memoirs; absolute anthropocentrism; ego-anthropocentrism; sociologic side; dialogism

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