L. Sh. Dynikova, N. V. Tilnyak, L. M. Sydorenko


The article is dedicated to studying of publicistic writing of the first Crimean Tatar periodical paper «Terjiman» that was a powerfull fartor of negotiation of rule scepticism in Islamic society. Genre specificity is studied. In particular, the authors discuss special aspects of informative, analytical, and artistic and publicistic genres in «Terjiman».

Materials of the newspaper can be a headquarters for issues of ethnology, pedagogy, history, authentic, sociology, economy, literature, publicistic of Turkic-speaking nations of Russian Empire, most notably of Crimean Tatars in the XIX-XX centuries.

In spite of unstructured inner architecture, «Terjiman» lined up behind itself the nation creative forces. New genres, unlike for erstwhile Crimean Tatar literature, just arose on the newspapers broadsides. In particular, I. Gasprinsky used such kind of genres as informative (chronicle, vignette, personal, review, correspondence, etc.), analytical (true articles), and artistic and publicistic ones (newspaper story, feuilleton, essay).

Genre analys of «Terjiman’» range of expression provided an opportunity to present its composition model, to explore genre and stylistic special aspects of published materials. Studying special aspects of «Terjiman’» genres provided an opportunity to follow up the way of Crimean Tatars periodical rise and evolution. We came in view of the fact that I. Gasprinsky was an artist in words and produced he’s own style which differ by simplicity, condensation, and perspicuity.


Crimean Tatar publicistic; genre,; culture; architectonic; national journalism


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