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This article provides brief theoretical and extended practical overview of the difficulties which arise in the process of the movies and television series translation. It might be a contribution to further development of professional competence of people who translate movie scripts. Despite English-Ukrainian mistakes were studied, obtained results can be applied to process of movie translation into other languages. This article is based on the related scientific information analysis, deep research, personal author’s observations and data resulting from the conducted survey. Due to the skilled professional use of the qualitative research methods and statistical data analysis the author has managed to make important findings about state of film translation and show how it influences on the lives of ordinary people. The stated goal is to develop nonexistent before classification of causes of mistranslations in the English speaking movies adjusted to the Ukrainian viewers. The systemized reasons of mistakes are sustained by vivid examples. Furthermore, the frequency of these causes is determined and shown in the chart.  Taking into consideration provided in the article data, it would be possible to overcome the most common mistakes connected with film text adaptation.  In conclusion, the author emphasizes the importance of both appropriate translation and dubbing. 


film text; movie translation; translation mistake; adaptation

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